Environmental, Social and Governance Policy Summary

HCP works with numerous financial investors and is committed to supporting our clients in the delivery of their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) values and initiatives to achieve socially responsible investing.

We recognise the importance of ESG and aim to minimise our own direct impact and lead by example where we can. We believe that ESG principles should be integrated into a business to ensure they form part of the expected considerations for service delivery; part of the day-to-day fabric of the business environment. We aim to achieve effective management of ESG to contribute towards environmental protection, improved social welfare and create responsible and ethical standards of corporate governance.

HCP’s core business is the SPV Management of assets within PFI and PPP sectors. As such, we are not directly involved in financial lending. We therefore focus our ESG activities on ESG factors relevant to our business. Outlined below is a summary of the key focus for our ESG policy:

  • Environmental Protection – managing and improving our impact on the environment
  • Community Engagement – ensuring our engagement with local communities strengthens existing community initiatives and provides a positive contribution
  • People and Resourcing – enabling our employees and associates to develop and learn
  • Ethical Standards – protecting the health and welfare of employees and promoting diversity
  • Corporate Governance – operating honestly and cooperatively to achieve the highest corporate governance standards
  • Compliance and Transparencyimplementing effective compliance monitoring to ensure Client protection and risk mitigation

Our policy outlines our commitment and belief for environmental management, social concerns and corporate governance; alongside examples of where we have lived and demonstrated our policy through our actions and initiatives.

As a key supply chain partner we promote collaborative and open working. We therefore encourage our partners to focus on the key areas above which have a material risk or opportunity to delivering a measurable and effective ESG policy.

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