Operations Manager

Location - Middlesborough

Salary - Competitive

Deadline - February 2020

Based at: James Cook University Hospital
Reporting To: General Manager

Summary of responsibilities:

The general responsibility of this role is providing day to day support to the project General Manager and providing similar support to other projects within HCP from time to time.
Specifically, this will be achieved by:

• Providing efficient and timely management and administrative support to the General Manager(s) in all aspects of managing the projects.
• Management of office communications and documentation, liaison with Service Providers and Authority/Trust Staff to ensure an effective level of service is maintained.
Where an Operations Manager is responsible for more than one project any reference to the singular should be read as pleural as relevant.

Key responsibilities:
PFI Project Agreement
• Support the General Manager to ensure the delivery of, and compliance with, all obligations of the Project Agreement, Project Finance documents and associated contract documents on behalf of the Project Company
• Maintain an understanding of the Project Agreement, Schedules to the Agreement and associated Service Provider sub-contracts
Management Support
• Support the General Manager(s) as required in the delivery of HCP’s obligations under the Management Services Agreements.
• Provide line management support to the HCP team and 3rd party Contractors to the Project Company
• Assist the General Manager(s) in all elements of Insurance and Legal claims made against the Projects, ensuring Service Providers and the Authorities adhere to the appropriate claims procedure
• Act as representative on multidisciplinary groups and committees.
• Manage all office records and filing systems, both electronic and paper-based
• Manage project expenses, payments for functions, stationery and other items as directed by the General Manager
• Deal with incoming and outgoing communications as required by the General Manager
• Maintain the highest standard of communication and presentation via telephone, email and in person
• Organise and co-ordinate all meetings required to advance the specific strands of the project in line with the project plan and the direction of the General Manager(s)
• Receive Information Bulletins from the Authority/Trust and issue to the appropriate consortium member for action
• Coordinate Requests for Information from the Authority/Trust and distribute the responses
Service Performance Management
• Promote effective liaison with the Authority/Trust service users.
• Assist the General Manager in the correct application of contractor and sub-contractor performance monitoring regimes
• Ensure that all Service Providers provide evidence of contractual compliance with regard to all matters and in particular:
Compliance with performance reporting requirements and the Performance Management System in respective Sub Contracts;
Adherence to the Authority/Trust policies and procedures and statutory and legal obligations, including Health and Safety law, Insurance and Employment regulations

• If required by the Regional Manager, to deputise for the General Manager during planned or short-term unplanned absence
Other Duties
• Coordinate the production of project Board packs ensuring that all content is to a professional standard and is delivered to the agreed timetable
• Undertake other duties as requested by the General Manager as is reasonable and in accordance with HCP’s delivery of contractual requirements required
• Participate in the orientation programme for new staff recruited to HCP

This job description is intended to reflect, in outline, the responsibilities of the post-holder which may change over time with the Corporate and local business needs of HCP and the particular PFI contract. It will therefore, be subject to periodic review.


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