Get to know Tariq Obeid

You recently joined HCP as a Contracts Manager for Renewable Energy, could you tell us about what your role involves?

I am a Contracts Manager which has another name as well, General Manager for the Special Purpose Vehicle/Company (SPV). That means I’ll be looking at all things related to this company. Following up with all contractors and supplier involved with the SPV such as the O&M Providers, Asset Managers, landlords, off-takers, lawyers, insurance companies and DNO and reporting back to the board monthly and quarterly. While managing this I will be coming up with feedback, solutions, recommendations and ideas to solve the problems we have on site and to optimise performance.

How does your previous experience inform your job today?

I come from an EPC Company, a very technical environment that has benefitted me in being able to understand the nature of PV sites and the solutions to take to solve the issues. It empowered my position with the subcontractors we deal with and my knowledge of what the site should be doing, and how to get it to its best.

Where do you see the future going for Renewables at HCP?

I would say that the horizon is a bit wider now, especially around the PV front with HCP. If we continue to work on this and if HCP continue to support such roles as mine, HCP will have more renewables investments on their portfolios. However, to manage PV assets, data analysis skills need to be added into the company as well as technical and commercial skills.

What are your interests outside of work, do you have a work/life balance?

Kind of. I’m doing a part time PhD in Renewables and Storage so that’s put more pressure on my social life. I also had a child two weeks before I joined HCP so there’s more than enough happening to stop me from having any other activities! The demands of my new family life and greater involvement in renewables at work have to fight against each other at the minute until they sort themselves out. It is already getting easier.

Do you have any advice for new starters in the renewables industry?

It’s a small market compared to the other industries, but it’s very competitive especially in London. My advice is try to gain practical knowledge through websites and internships, it is more about the practical issues.

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