Katie Embleton – My ESG Story

The Great North Children’s Hospital

Katie Embleton – Everything I’m doing has developed from building a relationship with Martin Wilson, Chief Operating Officer. He introduced me to the Directorate Manager of Children’s Services who deals with charity involvement on the wards, obtaining support. She introduced me to a colleague. The Great North Children’s Hospital turns ten this year so there will be a massive party, with lots of different events organised. I’m on the steering group for that. Interserve are involved and I’ve asked them to donate turf for an area at the front of the hospital where we will have visiting rugby teams.

LGBT work

I got invited to the Stonewall revealing as the hospital rated in the top 50. They’re holding a big LGBT conference this year which they want it to be nationwide not regional. I’m going to be on the steering group for that too, which will be interesting. I’ll be sharing information on HUB as we progress, and with HCP colleagues at the Annual Conference.

Dementia Gardens

Jordan, Performance Manager of the NuTH Trust, and I got in touch with the Dementia Lead at the RVI and Freeman Hospital to see if there were ways both HSN and the Trust could get involved and volunteer. Paula advised that she is hoping to create garden spaces at both sites for elderly patients with Dementia. The garden area will consist of things like washing lines, raised flower beds, potting areas, butterfly houses, sheds for activities. I have spoken with the HSN Board who are keen to get involved as well as all of the HSN team. We are still in discussion with the Dementia lead with plans for the garden areas.

Paula also told me that across the RVI and the Freeman there are eight wards for elderly patients, and a lot of these don’t have family members who visit them over the Christmas period, which I found really sad. I spoke with my line manager and our Board and asked if we could purchase a confectionery Christmas gift for each patient. The Board agreed and so at Christmas we purchased 240 chocolate/sweet gift for each patient.

Children’s Ward Artwork

Children are on this particular ward for quite a long time, or in the last few months of their lives. The ward is quite plain blue, and we didn’t want it to be either the last thing they remembered or to be scary for them. They had artworks put on a big wall, but it was expensive and took the play specialist about ten years to get the funding for. We’ve paid to extend the artwork above each child’s door, it really brightens up the place.

(Interviewed by Ellie Rowland-Callanan )

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