Leeds Ten-Schools


Project Value - £36m

Project Sector - Education


About The Project

This project consists of ten primary schools, serving largely socially deprived areas in Leeds. All Parties regard it as an Exemplar PPP project and a striking example of what PPPs can achieve when public and private sectors work together. There are numerous examples of Partnership Working with staff, children, parents and local authority, to improve both the lives of those educated within these schools and the wider community. Intended to create an enhanced learning environment for children, we continually work together to optimise the opportunities for educational standards to improve.

Social Impact and Transformation in the Local Community

All project partners regard our social responsibilities as extending beyond the school gates and into the heart of the community. We embrace opportunities to engage with local initiatives as they also impact on the schoolchildren we serve and their families. The St Anne’s Resource Centre offers a vital service to under privileged and homeless in Leeds.

Our SPV team coordinated the involvement of its own colleagues from HCP in a Give Your Time initiative, alongside our FM contractor and subcontractors, to spend a whole weekend in November 2018 refurbishing the centre.

The Skills City initiative aims to reduce 16-24 year-old NEET levels – 40% of the unemployment total in Leeds. In August 2018 our PPP team created a Skills City Centre within the Leeds 10 Schools Project – a first in PPP! The centre is giving young people basic skills; from CV-writing to practical work experience on the Leeds 10-Schools project.

Customer Satisfaction

The annual survey collects responses from school staff in the ‘Leeds 10-Schools’ project. Our overall percentage achieved this year is 98.75%.

Effective Contract Management, Value for Money and Cost Savings 

  • 33 Variations to buildings and service scope successfully delivered in 2018.
  • Rain Water Harvesting – introduced an efficient system for collection of rainwater from school roofs being deposited in collection tanks and used for flushing toilets and grounds maintenance. These improvements have led to an annual saving in water consumption charges of £11,300 with project whole-life savings of over £200,000 for Leeds City Council (LCC).
  • Aqueous Ozone – used for cleaning the 10 schools instead of cleaning chemicals. The AO is more efficient and has many environmental benefits. The projected whole-life savings to LCC are £39,000.
  • LED Lighting – Produced an LCC financial saving in 2018 of £5,000 in electrical consumption across the 10 schools. Savings expected to hit £70,000 in the next 7 years, with projected whole-life savings of approximately £300,000.

Project Improvement Groups (PIGs)

A PIG is a focus group set up by project staff, outside of formal contract meetings, to reach mutually beneficial solutions to any problem for all Parties. It creates: opportunities for improvement of our PPP projects; and greater trust and partnership in implementing new initiatives. Successes:

• SEN School-Friendly Variation Processes
• Headteacher and School User Handbooks
• Environmental Strategies including reduced waste and energy consumption
• Pay Mech deductions invested back into new school play equipment
• Holiday access to school facilities for local communities
• Shade and shelter provision in outdoor play areas

The scheme

To rebuild ten primary schools across the city. All schools were new build with an element of refurbishment at one school in a conservation area at Horsforth. The first school at Rawdon Littlemoor was opened in April 2005 with the remaining nine achieving Service Commencement for September 2005.

Financial Close 22nd April 2004
Construction Capex £36,000,000
Term of MSA / Length of MSA 22nd April 2012 full length of concession period
3rd party revenue pa LCC Managed
Year end date 31st December
Model Update Due dates February / August
Concession length 27 Years
22nd April 2004 – terminate 31st July 2031
Number of buildings 10 Schools
Total new build m2 25000 m2

Soft FM services

Domestic, Porterage, Helpdesk, Pest Control, Grounds Maintenance, Catering, Waste, Car Parking & Security.

Hard FM services

Engineering & Building Services, Utilities Management.


Partner of the Year for QED Leeds at Leeds City Council Resourcing and Housing Awards 2019.

“Delighted to attend Leeds City Council Resources and Housing awards event today. HCP/QED deserved winner in the category of Partner of the year.”

Alex Macleod, Programme Manager, Leeds City Council

Best Operational Project at the Partnerships Bulletin 2019 Awards on 9th May.

“Serving largely socially deprived areas in Leeds, these 10 schools have demonstrated what can be achieved when the public and private sectors work together. The partners work closely together, with the private sector donating goods – as well as their spare time – to help the schools develop and improve the children’s learning experiences. There is also a focus on developing the health and wellbeing of pupils across the schools, through things such as an annual PPP-sponsored football tournament. On the sustainability of the buildings themselves, the partnership has focused on a number of areas to improve environmental standards, such as through rainwater harvesting and installing LED lighting, as well as ensuring that such measures can help improve the contract’s value for money. The judges considered this project to be an exemplar PPP both in terms of its core operations and its wider social engagement, backed up with strong evidence and testimonials. They welcomed the scheme as an excellent illustration of how an operational PPP project can deliver benefits to not only the schools but also the wider community.”

Partnerships Bulletin

The Leeds Ten-Schools PPP Project is complex, but we work together as partners to enhance the service and work on so many different initiatives to benefit the whole community that it feels like something else, something better, something that's making a difference in people's lives.

David Dunning, Senior PPP Officer, LCC

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